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Tiago Diniz

Designer / Show Manager

Tel: 404-914-6476

About me

After coursing Architecture, Tiago worked at the most prestigious Design Offices in Rio de Janeiro, Tiago Diniz learned from the best before starting his own business. With more than 15 years of experience, was responsible for the creation and assembly of big projects in Brazil like Rio Fashion Week, Pan American Games, Red Bull BC One Finals and many others. Tiago Diniz has always participated in all stages of the projects, from the first meetings with clients, creation and elaboration of the project until the final assembly. After attending major projects for NIKE and RED BULL, Tiago Diniz received an invitation from a great University of Design in the United States, SCAD, Savanna College of Art and Design, where he studied Visual Effects for 2 years. Today, living in Atlanta Tiago Diniz follows his professional improvement. He graduated as Interior Designer at the New York Institute of Art and Design and continues to make his projects, and helping other designers and architects with their photorealistic 3Ds.

You can know more about Tiago Diniz and his story on his Book; Learning Another Language. In this book Tiago tells how he receive SCAD's invitation and how was the transition Brasil x US.

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